We are a Christian mission organization that seeks to restore the people of the Bay Area to God and to each other through Jesus Christ.

In order to accomplish our mission, we work to:


Empower Local Leaders

In order to connect the diversity of people in the Bay Area with Christ, we need a diversity of leaders. We believe that individuals are most effective in reaching their own community. Therefore, we train local leaders in our Bay Area communities to begin new outreach ministries and plant new churches. Our focus is on grassroots leaders who are empowered to bring the restoring gospel of Christ to their communities. 

Start New Ministries

Urban ministries truly take on the unique character of the local community.  We believe that the best way to reach new people in the Bay Area is to start new churches.  We plant new churches that are self-sustaining, are led by local leaders, and focus on bringing to their communities the tangible blessings of a restored life in Christ.   

Impact Our Communities

Our complex  cities are concentrations of great blessings and great challenges. We believe that to develop renewed communities in the Bay Area, we must take a holistic approach.  We focus on empowerment and development, renewing and restoring the physical, spiritual, emotional and relational aspects of life in our communities.  We know that Jesus heals all wounds and we're dedicated to collaboration with Him and with one another.